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We’re Committed.
At Chicago Heights we are committed to you and your family.  Why? Because we whole-heartedly believe that every child is capable of having an authentic relationship with our savior, Jesus Christ.  Everything that we do in our ministry is for the purpose of providing a safe and fun way for your child to encounter God.  We also strive to provide your family with ways to actively engage your faith. 
We’re Involved. 
At Chicago Heights we know that every child learns and grows differently. Because of this, we are involved in a lot of different programs to provide your child with a way to engage in their faith that works! From our Age appropriate Wednesday night Caravan classes that teach how faith is intertwined in our daily lives, to our Nazarene Sports out reach program that teaches character and commitment, we want to provide as many ways for your child to be involved as possible.
We’re Oriented.  
At Chicago Heights we are family ministry oriented. We believe that a child’s faith is cultivated in more than just one hour of worship a week.  Because we know it takes a village to raise a child, we want to provide families with as many opportunities to grow their child’s faith as possible.  We love to engage our family by getting our parents involved in our ministry events,  allowing for families to serve together at Jesus in the Park and provide family ministry worship services every fifth Sunday. 
We’re Open. 
At Chicago Heights we know that there is always room for more. So we are not only open for new families to join us, but for new volunteers as well. Like we already said, it takes a village to raise a child, so we know we can use all the help we can get! Wether you are good at technology, have a creative mind, or just want to be an extra pair of hands – we have room for you! 
Need More Convincing?
Still not sure if Chicago Heights is the place for your family? That’s okay! We know that finding a church to raise your children in is not that easy. First, you can check out our events calendar to see what we are offering this month. Second, you can look through the Media Gallery to see first hand how awesome the community at Chicago Heights is! And most importantly, feel free to contact our Children’s Pastor, Ally Vrabel for more information and details about the ministries mentioned above.
We’re here for you! 
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